Reshaping Media for a new century.

Broadcasting. I the past we purchased a receiver and accessed for free what came over the air. Some countries funded national state broadcasters with a licence fee. It worked for 100 years. The world wide web is +25 years old & I pay to access this medium. Content I choose on the net I pay for in fees or ads.

Tying public service broadcasting (PBS) funding to medium is coming to an end in some countries. A household broadcasting fee is a tax is being proposed in Ireland. PSB is a public good. Public Service Broadcasters need to do more to demonstrate this truth. Funding PSB with progressive sources of tax, is the fairest way to get content that the market refuses to provide. A per house or on consumption tax is not progressive. To make this happen we will need to re-scale PSB for a new century and to meet our changing our changing needs.

And while PSB is being re born it is timely to build a 3rd tier in media that is neither commercial or state focused. The shifts in medium and the difficulties in focus on state owned PSB is an opportunity for community and citizen media to flex its muscle and prepare for core funding and deregulation.

If commercial media have lost their monitisation to digital mediums they need to demonstrate their PSB credentials including editorial & ownership. While commercial media might be ahead in a queue lobbying wise for core funding – they lack democratic structures to avail of it.


● Revise the funding of PSB

● Rescale state media

● Core funding for 3rd tier media

● Democratic structures in private media is an oxymoron

● Find new funding sources in central tax and the digital media monoliths

Why positive thoughts are important

What if you had and idea, and before you got to start working on it you have some positive and negative thoughts in equal measure, would that sound about right? equity! NO. While the measure of the amount of thoughts say 5 positive and 5 negative are equal, the result is not 5-5.

The problem is that the result is less a score draw and more an automatic walkover for the negative. Why? because while we can somewhat control the volume of positive and negative thought and the ratio of same, we are less in control of the negativity bias that places less weight on the positive thoughts and more weight on the negative thoughts while referencing our memory of past experiences of similar ideas and processes.

We don’t want to embarrass ourselves. So if doing nothing is safer than potentially exposing ourselves at the expense of not trying and succeeding at something we tend to let our built in bias win.

How do you increase the chances of a healthier balance? by controlling the ratio of negative and positive thoughts. Exposed to more positive thoughts and experiences, when we seek to measure the potential up and down side of a situation we are going to have more visibility of the positive potential.

Should this lead to more positive results, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – when our bias is trying to attribute more negative expectations based on previous experience, as (recent) previous experience was positive, then the given weighting to negative is reduced, thus unlocking the potential to act more on ideas before with kill them, before they are hatched, thus going on to fail or succeed. We are here to create. Go Create. Give yourself a break. Your biggest bully could be you! Me mindful, in this moment, not what failed in the past or may succeed in the future. Does it feel right, right now? Do it. If it doesn’t work out, delete it and save the memory.

These are my own thoughts on the matter – it is backed up by science which I fail to reference here bar a link to Mindfulness Increases Positive Judgments and Reduces Negativity Bias. But some good topics to read are Negativity bias, valence weighting and mindfulness.

Take Your Passion On Air

When you’re finished with this presenting lark, when you retire you are said to hang up your headphones. There is a metaphor for where your headphones will be placed when you no longer have daily need of them.

But where do you hang your passions when you are on air? Radio is sounds, personality is delivered as the dynamic self having a one to one conversation with your listener. So when you are in conversation with your listener where have you left your passions? Are they hung up on the hook where you headphones will be some day? are they neatly packed away at home or outside the studio door, or are they with you in studio but never allowed on air? Are they irrelevant to your on air persona or are they part of what makes you, YOU!

If you have a passion for something the odds are that it is something that makes you excited and it is something your listeners will also find interesting. If you share your passion, will the listeners come on that journey with you?

Radio works on the emotional level. Your voice sends the signals that create the feeling your station boss wants your listeners to feel. You want them to feel passionate about what they hear too. Feeling’s… I will return to ‘what a feeling’ means later.

Beyond the everyday programme production fillers, when all the gossip news and celeb birthdays are covered, when the front pages of the newspapers have been glanced at and commented on, what else is there that you carry around 24/7 that you could talk about? something you are
already an expert by experience in? Your passion.

Are you ready to share that passion with your listeners? Radio is about connections. The internet and more importantly the 30 year old world wide web is a connections making platform and we are all connected to it now. How fast can ideas spread? Very fast indeed. Yes I hear you say that there is a lot of noise on the internet. It is harder and harder to shout above the signal to noise level. Yes, it is hard to be heard among the noise. But through clarity of conviction relating to your passion the message will be heard. And after all you have communication skills, a radio platform and a ready made audience to begin with.

Is your passion animal rights? human rights? online gaming? cosplay French cuisine or global warming. Whatever your passion don’t you think it is an important enough characteristic of yours and that your listeners will respect your thoughts on the subject. If you are ready to share it – start today. How far will it go? How passionate are you? between your passion and execution lies the distance it will travel.

Last August (2018) 15 year old Swedish school student Greta Thunberg went on strike from school to protest about climate change. 7 months later a global movement inspired by Greta’s simple but powerful passion is marching in every major capital city in the free world. Armed with a smartphone and a simple powerful message, that was staring us all in the face, the passion of a 15 year old student has moved the feelings of the youth of the world in to action.

Your passion might not be as fundamental to climate change and the survival of the planet as Greta’s was, but your passion is damn important to you and countless others not yet inspired by your leadership.

Your passion is your personality, your mission is to connect and resonate that passion you bring on air everyday. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the poet Seamus Heaney’s epitaph reads “walk on air against your better judgement“.

You have been walking on air and running on air for years. Now make it count, against your better judgement, take the risks. Put another way, in the words of Irene Cara ‘What A Feeling’ “Take your passion and make it happen“.

MW63: Involuntary Detention Bill / Music & Mental Health

Senator @mairedev lodges legislation in the Seanad which seeks to abolish the practice of charging Mental Health patients who have been involuntarily detained. Joe & Pia from DCFM talk to Senator Máire Devine

And Brian Greene heads along to RTE CHOICE MUSIC PRIZE Conversations at IMRO and talks to IMRO Chairperson Eleanor McEvoy and Aoife Ruth of @BimmDublin about Music & Mental Health

most unparliamentary language

A decade ago we were in economic melt down. The country was facing years of decline and austerity. Things boiled over in the Irish Parliament as junior party in Government the Green’s Deputy Paul Gogarty TD says “Fuck You” to Emmet Stagg TD in Dail Eireann.

Video uploaded by Damien Mulley captures the moment. A musical remix I did adds some Lily Allen to the mix.