Reshaping Media for a new century.

Broadcasting. I the past we purchased a receiver and accessed for free what came over the air. Some countries funded national state broadcasters with a licence fee. It worked for 100 years. The world wide web is +25 years old & I pay to access this medium. Content I choose on the net I pay for in fees or ads.

Tying public service broadcasting (PBS) funding to medium is coming to an end in some countries. A household broadcasting fee is a tax is being proposed in Ireland. PSB is a public good. Public Service Broadcasters need to do more to demonstrate this truth. Funding PSB with progressive sources of tax, is the fairest way to get content that the market refuses to provide. A per house or on consumption tax is not progressive. To make this happen we will need to re-scale PSB for a new century and to meet our changing our changing needs.

And while PSB is being re born it is timely to build a 3rd tier in media that is neither commercial or state focused. The shifts in medium and the difficulties in focus on state owned PSB is an opportunity for community and citizen media to flex its muscle and prepare for core funding and deregulation.

If commercial media have lost their monitisation to digital mediums they need to demonstrate their PSB credentials including editorial & ownership. While commercial media might be ahead in a queue lobbying wise for core funding – they lack democratic structures to avail of it.


● Revise the funding of PSB

● Rescale state media

● Core funding for 3rd tier media

● Democratic structures in private media is an oxymoron

● Find new funding sources in central tax and the digital media monoliths

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