Why positive thoughts are important

What if you had and idea, and before you got to start working on it you have some positive and negative thoughts in equal measure, would that sound about right? equity! NO. While the measure of the amount of thoughts say 5 positive and 5 negative are equal, the result is not 5-5.

The problem is that the result is less a score draw and more an automatic walkover for the negative. Why? because while we can somewhat control the volume of positive and negative thought and the ratio of same, we are less in control of the negativity bias that places less weight on the positive thoughts and more weight on the negative thoughts while referencing our memory of past experiences of similar ideas and processes.

We don’t want to embarrass ourselves. So if doing nothing is safer than potentially exposing ourselves at the expense of not trying and succeeding at something we tend to let our built in bias win.

How do you increase the chances of a healthier balance? by controlling the ratio of negative and positive thoughts. Exposed to more positive thoughts and experiences, when we seek to measure the potential up and down side of a situation we are going to have more visibility of the positive potential.

Should this lead to more positive results, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – when our bias is trying to attribute more negative expectations based on previous experience, as (recent) previous experience was positive, then the given weighting to negative is reduced, thus unlocking the potential to act more on ideas before with kill them, before they are hatched, thus going on to fail or succeed. We are here to create. Go Create. Give yourself a break. Your biggest bully could be you! Me mindful, in this moment, not what failed in the past or may succeed in the future. Does it feel right, right now? Do it. If it doesn’t work out, delete it and save the memory.

These are my own thoughts on the matter – it is backed up by science which I fail to reference here bar a link to Mindfulness Increases Positive Judgments and Reduces Negativity Bias. But some good topics to read are Negativity bias, valence weighting and mindfulness.