MW59: Social Inclusion^

on Mental Wealth 103.2 @dublincityfm 12.30pm Tuesday 11.12.18 Jennifer Grundulis @cattsireland on Speech & Language Therapy with @move4parkinsons Choir +++ @ClionaNi Cheallaigh & Maxine Radcliffe @IHFIreland & John Lonergan (former governor at Mountjoy Prison) about a new #SocialInclusion forum #MentalHealth #Nursing

MW52: Colman Noctor Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

on Mental Wealth 12:30pm 103.2 Dublin City FM I talk to Colman Noctor about Junior Cert results, data from CyberSafeIreland 3rd Annual Report & Self Harm stats from 7th edition of the Good Childhood Report by The Children’s Society (UK)

#22Z Ground Hog Radio

#22Z so I recorded 3 minutes top of the hour (TOTH) of 0-2MHz of spectrum (base band recording) 1.6GB total file size. I can now loop the 3 minutes on playback like ground hog day. I am going to tune is all the signals I can get with their TOTH idents. One by one. A 23:00IST / 2200Zulu time capsule. About 120 stations. Here is an early sample of the sound.