things that worry me

that the Irish Justice Dept. thinks Extraordinary Renditions are songs on ‘Your A Star’.
ER has no sponsor on RTE1 on sundays. [George Lee where are you to explain the down turn in Ad spend]
iTunes music store does not stock Teenage Kicks by the Undertones, what would John Peel say.
the Bush administration. [i must listen to less]
why iran needs nuclear power when it has so much oil, and Europe’s need to stop it.
Bertie Ahern’s leg injury, or is it DVT from frequent flying.
why Irish people pay Sky to deliver RTE TV. [if Dempsey cant make peace with SKY & RTE over Ryder Cup, why does he allow our national broadcasters to pay NDS charges to Sky when ITV & BBC don’t by being FTA ]
The boss of GAMA Ireland wants to get elected to Dublin Chamber of Commerce.? class action! indeed
that Mary Harney might tell the hospitals that the next cleanliness inspection is in early FEB ’06. [which day Mary, go on tell us, we’ll wash the dishes that day!]
Google Earth has more Northsiders scanned than Southsiders.
Windscale fires from Sellafield; the United Nations and the EU.
why aid has not reached Pakistan, Sri Lanka, US Gulf coast months after disasters.
House Prices in Ireland
having to find time to blog about all the above -ends-

DX pedition to Leitrim

dx leitrimLast weekend I retreated to Leitrim away from QRN (electrical noise) for a SWL (shortwave listeners) dx-pedition. It was to also double as a Star Gazing weekend but cloud cover did in any chance off deep space or stars, as did the just larger than half moon in the South West sky.

so the trusty back up of Shorwave Listening / Logging was all that we could do, (we = me and my twin brother Donal) anyway it was near zero degrees and I wasn’t that interested in frost bite just because the city glow was gone, for all that is said for city glow, a good sprinkling of cloud means no stars either way.

So we needed a long wire antenna and the local hardware provided earthing cable at €13 per 100M, the Dublin price was €50 :-). So we ran a longwire into the fields and hoisted it my means of twine and rock high into the pine trees and we were set for a weekend of DX.

One star we did se on saturday was the sun, in blue and clear skys during the daytime. Alas the sun spot activity that day and previous 48 hours was not going to assist us with shortwave reception. Put another way if there had have been activity it could have given some boost to certain wavelengths of the SW band, but we weren’t getting any boost.

Here is a small selection of what my log book captured.

3345Khz Radio South Africa 20:01:00 07/01/06 english
5541Khz Radio Stockholm ATC 20:58:00 07/01/06 english
5775Khz Mi Amigo International 21:48:00 07/01/06 english

there was plenty of activity on the 48 meter band and most of it Pirate from Holland. Site conditions were good, the city has too much background noise to pull out those really hard to hear weaker signals, and the DX pedition was a success.

If I ever get to retire I would love to build an earth station in the bleakest part of Ireland so I could listen to the stars near a real coal fire. Would the Leitrim Co. Co, allow an Earth Station ???

New Podcast Released

show eleven is now out. click here 2 hear


Intro.. [01:06]
Christmas Greetings Phone Calls [03:33]
Kevin Kennedy
Sinead Murnane
peter walsh
Louis Le Rouskey
Spiff from
Noreen bowden –
Simon Maher –
Donal Greene –
voice call me +353(0)76 670 0551 [05:49]
Podsafe Music [07:38]
Chris Ayer – New Years Resolution
Christmas Wrap Up [11:23]
ends [11:54]

Santa’s Dublin Flight on Aertel

see page 571/572
Arrivals FLIGHTS ON 24 DEC
Departures FLIGHTS ON 25 DEC

odd that he is not in Shannon or Cork airspace according to Aertel. Don’t worry children Santa is also immune to on board inspections!

HoHoHo where’s the snow Santa’s got a Podcast Show… 🙂 merry christmas everyone.

If Santa used UPS

Im tracking my new video iPod as UPS wing it to me, it left the UK DERBY, at 21:48 on the 20th, headed to KOELN (COLOGNE), DE (is this a EU hub for UPS) and I will follow it as it tries to land before 25th 🙂

If we could track Santa like this the kidz would be glued to the PC on the 24th …

the new iPod [my first] is engraved “demand radio on demand” a term I coined in 1999 along with radio for the DSL and Cable generation. As with my efforts in 1999 my Radio Erin project in 1996 lacked rss enclosures and broadband but the vision was there. Its bad enough been ahead of your time once but twice! I hope UPS are ahead of time and the iPod lands safely.

cookies and milk ready for UPS employee
[UPDATE] I ordered at 3pm Monday, I was dropped into my hand at 11am Wednesday! the packaging was minimal but of the usual height quality, so small for so big a price, nothing pre loaded, bono is on the front of the box but no tunes to get me started. its 10% full or as I see it 90% empty now. I moved a DVD onto it and the quality is very good, the sound quality over memory sticks and the w800i makes the iPod play it the upper leagues. It has a crummy case I think I need an anti drop type with silicone corners. Now I need to work out how 2 PCs can dock to it without conflict….

DRI Launch recording

It’s a week today since Digital Rights Ireland Launched, me being who I am and DRI being what it is, I decided to ask permission to release a recording of the launch event, in case the ringsend secret service missed anything. I supplied a deep link to recording online and made two separate attempts to seek clearance. This is my third. Anyone at DRI, directors et al, can the recording go wild?

w800i the drawbacks

1. It has crashed 4 times in 10 days; usually between camera and calls;
2. Data (podcasts, songs) placed on the Duo, not always makes it into the TOC of the player;
3. RDS display stopped working, I cant find the setting to restart it;
4. head set sucks at being comfortable, slides and sticks on my neck; XDA head set much better.
5. the wiring is bulky for charger and usb;
6. the TXT space char is on the # key not 0[zero] like nokia,
7. camera needs steady hand (isn’t that all digi cams?)

on the plus side
1. the mouse is good, reminds me of the 7110 navi roller, not similar but way ahead of regular navigation
2. the sound quality is super
3. the battery life is as good as the claim
4. its my first speaker phone. it also does voice recording, but does not record radio or calls!

Phantom FM Launch Podcast

The new soon to be ‘rock’ radio station from Dublin Phantom FM are podcasting pre broadcast. the rss feed is at

for the moment there is some talk shows that will fill the feed, ‘The Two Petes Talk Rubbish’ sits very well in the podcast arena, but the rock station will come into its own when they are playing rock music in the podcast. This station has a huge following in Dublin and its on air debut is eagerly awaited. But for now you can hear the lads again, via rss and an MP3 player. welcome the podcast debut and look forward to working with phantom fm and their future podcast offerings.

“Invisible airwaves
Crackle with life
Bright antennae bristle
With the energy
Emotional feedback
On a timeless wavelength
Bearing a gift beyond price —
Almost free…”
(Rush – The Spirit of Radio)

skys the limit

east sky Its budget day bonanza time. I woke to this ominous sky this morning, 8.20am Baldoyle (the pink is pollution) . BIFFO has a bag full of money to give away. as you digest the data from the budget, 3 things

1. google save $100M with our generous tax system
2. its not stud farmers or meat barron’s money, Its your money, he’s only giving you back a tiny %
3. don’t forget the irish ferry workers [Dec9th national protest]

Dec9th Im taking my kidz outa school that day (and marching) , I’m writing to the school and the Edu minister, my kidz want decent jobs and rates of pay when they leave school, and Ms. Hannafin, bullying in school, bullying teachers and union members, it not nice to bully.