Mental Wealth 46: Lynn Ruane

On this week’s #MentalWealth 103.2 @dublincityfm I talk to Senator Lynn Ruane about #MentalHealth #Homelessness and working in Seanad Eireann.

Also its (another) MH week, this time in the UK. I talk to London based social enterprise founder Vanessa Boachie of @InsideOutUK_ about stress and some events they have on in London for Mental Health Week.

Mental Wealth 45: Marie Conniffe

on 103.2 Dublin City FM at 12:30 Brian Greene talks to singer songwriter Marie Conniffe about the story behind her new album Love Madness and her career to date. #MentalHealth #Radio #Music

listen to the album after the interview on Spotify

MW43: Dr Andrew Morrice – Human Givens College

Listen to Brian Greene’s interview with Andrew Morrice (Human Givens College tutor and General Practitioner) as they discuss the Mind-Body Connection, explore the relationships between the three big E’s (emotions, exercise & eating), mental health and the human givens approach.

don’t it make my brown eyes blue

Aug 8, 2015

audio remix of the 2009 Women’s Aid advert – the question being answered, does the music track increase the impact of the advert?

Trigger warning – if you are affected by this film please visit where you can find support. Keira Knightley stars in this shocking new short film, directed by Joe Wright and brought to you by Women’s Aid – the UK’s domestic abuse charity.

Here is the advert prior to remix.