Mental Wealth 46: Lynn Ruane

On this week’s #MentalWealth 103.2 @dublincityfm I talk to Senator Lynn Ruane about #MentalHealth #Homelessness and working in Seanad Eireann.

Also its (another) MH week, this time in the UK. I talk to London based social enterprise founder Vanessa Boachie of @InsideOutUK_ about stress and some events they have on in London for Mental Health Week.

Mental Wealth 45: Marie Conniffe

on 103.2 Dublin City FM at 12:30 Brian Greene talks to singer songwriter Marie Conniffe about the story behind her new album Love Madness and her career to date. #MentalHealth #Radio #Music

listen to the album after the interview on Spotify

MW43: Dr Andrew Morrice – Human Givens College

Listen to Brian Greene’s interview with Andrew Morrice (Human Givens College tutor and General Practitioner) as they discuss the Mind-Body Connection, explore the relationships between the three big E’s (emotions, exercise & eating), mental health and the human givens approach.

new podcast wxtc #27 this episode was recorded Nov 23rd 2007 in Co. Louth. The music of Lisa Hake is explored.