The Engineering of Consent

It is clear that a leader in a democracy need not always possess the personal qualities of a Daniel Webster or a Henry Clay. He need not be visible or even audible to his audiences. He may lead indirectly, simply by effectively using today’s means of making contact with the eyes and ears of those audiences. Even the direct, or what might be called the old-fashioned, method of speaking to an audience is for the most part once removed; for usually public speech is transmitted, mechanically, through the mass media of radio, motion pictures, and television.


There are two main divisions of this communications system which maintain social cohesion. On the first level there are the commercial media. Almost 1,800 daily newspapers in the United States have a combined circulation of around 44,000,000. There are approximately 10,000 weekly newspapers and almost 6,000 magazines. Approximately 2,000 radio stations of various types broadcast to the Nation’s 60,000,000 receiving sets. Approximately 16,500 motion picture houses have a capacity of almost 10,500,000. A deluge of books and pamphlets is published annually. The country is blanketed with billboards, handbills, throwaways, and direct mail advertising. Round tables, panels and forums, classrooms and legislative assemblies, and public platforms—any and all media, day after day, spread the word, someone’s word.

By Edward L. Bernays 1947

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

I l-l-love TED Talks, who doesn’t. Every other weekend I try to explore some new talks. There are so many and rarely a dud. In my next post I will share my current all time fav TED talk.

I caught this talk last weekend and it really resonated with me. I have never seen ‘Eat Pray Love’ (movie) nor have I read the book but I knew of its existence. The talk is by the author of the book Elizabeth Gilbert. The talk title is ‘Success, failure and the drive to keep creating’, but to me it’s all about “HOME”. Home is where you are at one with what you love, what you love more than life itself. Knowing where home is when you have been evicted by success or failure and you are lost. You need to know where “HOME” is. So you can return safely and get on with what you love. Enjoy.