If the country’s telecommunications regulator allows National Roaming then the need for any more new mast sites will be massively reduced.

National Roaming is being considered by ComReg after years of competition in the market place has failed to delivered lower costs to users in a country with the most profitable phone users, according to the phone companies own data.

For example if Meteor needed a new mast in Dublin 13, they could dispense with the need to site a controversial new mast. If through national roaming their customers could roam on an O2 or Vodafone mast.

Roaming has been common for international travelers & holiday makers, but real community value could be gained if national roaming were allowed.

There are more than 1500 sites in Ireland between 3 companies. The number of new sites needed grows with the number of people (81%) using the services. Roaming would massively reduced the need for more unwanted sites
spoiling our landscape.

see also Phone Mast Is Vandalised

Where have all the bloggers gone

Karlin, Bernie, Kirby to name a few, sites down or no posts in ages, if you know where there gone let me know, I’ve just started flirting with a common blog tool, but for years I’ve scribbled on home spun tools & before that I wrote plaintext essays before bloging was named. I enjoy reading your blogs and wonder where the above Irish blogs are gone to?

further 128 postal workers suspended

Early on Saturday 64 postal workers and managers in Dublin’s main mail centre were suspended in an ongoing row over changes to working practices and on Saturday evening a further 128 workers were suspended for refusing to carry out what the company says are normal practices. The company is now asking people in Dublin City and County not to post mail until further notice.

The CWU postal workers union membership voted for an all out strike but the CWU bosses delayed the strike for further talks.

If a union ballot calls for strike action (aer rinta/an post/dublin bus) then it is a clear direction to take the organised workforce, they decide by vote to strike, and the union bureaucracy in CWU & SIPTU turn their back of their own membership. In the way ICTU attacked the bin protesters imprisonments, they have once again clearly show that they are out of step with there own membership and unable to lead a union. Time for change, change the leadership or change your union.

WAR 4 OIL – One year on

[cnn] Anger over the war in Iraq remained sharp on the first anniversary of the U.S.-led conflict Saturday as protesters took to the streets across much of the globe, urging an end to the coalition occupation which some blamed for international terrorism.

I missed the Dublin march due to work commitments but one year on the world has not forgotten that WMD have not been found, the people of Iraq want the occupation forces to leave and that the world is a less safer place due to the invasion of Iraq. The war for oil was wrong the people of the world like the 90% of Spain have not forgotten, the use of Shannon warport by the US army is not forgotten, the people will have their say in June in Europe and Nov in the USA. peace pace paz.

What is the Power Flux Density (PFD)

power: possession of controlling influence
flux: the amount of radiant energy passing through a unit area
density: the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume it occupies

in naming this site it was a toss up between PFD & variable frequency orchestra (VFO) the meaning here for PFD is about the movement of power from the few to the many, the movement of ideas from the dense to the density, the fluctuation of capital from the few to the masses.

FCC cites Bono for indecency but issues no fine

The FCC received hundreds of complaints about the Golden Globes broadcast after Bono, the lead singer of the Irish rock group U2, said, “This is really, really, f—— brilliant.”
The enforcement bureau said last October that Bono’s comment was not indecent or obscene because he did not use the word to describe a sexual act. “The performer used the word … as an adjective or expletive to emphasize an exclamation,” the bureau said.

lets hope Colin Farell doesn’t win an oscar, but really the US & FCC should get a grip, this once only I would support bono to milk this, and conduct a sponsored F-word reading of a Roddy Doyle book for charity. You can say crap on the radio…..

IT MUST BE TRUE About 55 million newspapers are being sold in the United States each day, an 11-percent drop since 1990, according to the report. The decline is attributed to falling interest among Americans as well as to the public’s diminishing trust in the wake of highly publicized scandals like last year’s admission by “New York Times” reporter Jayson Blair that he had made up elements of dozens of stories published by the daily. Believability of the daily newspaper has fallen from 80 percent in 1985 to 59 percent in 2002, according to the report. As a result, only 54 percent of US residents now read a newspaper during the week and the numbers continue to drop.

well paddy’s day is over, and I survived it alcohol free! a much needed realignment of my satellite dish was needed, with winds of 70MPH due friday (perhaps gusts and perhaps its saturday) it will get an early test, oh to be able to have my 1M dish at ground level, alas it must swing high at about 3M over ground. See BBC wind