N.T.L. (No Telephone Line)

NTL Ireland withdrew its Dublin phone service 12 days ago without notice or even a supporting cust care line, many customers listening to the Saturday evening news learned that the service had been withdrawn, there was a “health & safety” issue with the installed device…

Many shocked users, will their house burn down if they don’t plug it out now!

Well thats a dramatic way to cease a service, will analogue TV service go that way too?

Then today NTL send the first of 3 letters to customers that they say they were told to send by ComReg. The letter is all about Modem Hi-Jacking, a bit difficult to get your modem hi-jacked if your phone provider is (was) NTL, expect ex NTL customers to telephone their complaints in 6 weeks time when Eircom reinstall lines for stranded customers.

The company that made the unit Tellabs Inc. has shipped 600K of them, and claim the cause of fault to be poor installation.

see this link

A recent uk NTL recorded msg said
“Hello. You are through to NTL customer services. We don’t give a f**k
about you. We are never here. We just will f**k you about, basically,
and we are not going to handle any of your complaints. Just f**k off
and leave us alone. Get a life.”


Have you ever met a homeless server? & why is hosting so expensive? I have a hosting bill for a single co-lo box that is more expensive that a 10 year old mortgage + I provide utility to the mortgaged house such as standing orders on ESB TV licence GAS water (oops no abolished that in 1996) + broadband

so Im buying the house (one day I will own it)
I already own the server its fully paid for..
I provide utilities to the House
the ISP provide esb fuel + bandwidth to server
the House is 904sq. feet worth ?300K+
the server is a little box with a fan worth ?800
my House increased in value 500% in 10Y
the server devalued the day I bought it (murphy & moores law)

I just cant see why the AIB an Bank of Ireland cant see the biz op in hosting when the margins are so much greater than the over heated Irish housing market (I mean Irish housing crisis )

so is my mortgage too cheap at ?300pm or is my hosting to expensive? perhaps I should re mortgage my gaff and set up a hosting company, Im sure the bank man would understand this logic better that I.

end of the spam as we know it

no, i don’t predict the end of spam as we know it, but reading the latest crop of spam, I read between the spammers lines that they might guess that their days might be numbered so they are going all out for now to make hay while the sun shines,

the porn spam has gotten even more vulgar (as if it could) and like the hey day of growing empires of spam, selling on and co-opting in would be fall guys to buy lists and believe in spam, as if there would be safety in numbers come a clamp down.

when authorities raid free radio stations (pirates) they (the authorities) only cause a stir and help drive it further underground, many a time 1 station would be raided & 2 return from the same stable by way of split or self preservation.

now spammers will never get the street cred protection free radio gets, but selling on packages tends to indicate they want a sea of other spammers out there with them (safety in numbers) or/and they are selling on list while they perceive them (lists) to have any value before a major clamp down makes 24 million addys (for use) look like a crime in itself.

they have always tried to sell on lists, there’s one fool dialing up every minute, but Im just watching a short trend, like one week its drugs, before it was scams or something else, and im just seeing a trend since thursday/friday … anyway I could be wrong.

btw, a tuned up spam assassin & GMail are keeping out 1000’s (400 daily) of spam
and lettin in about 12 spam mails per day, safety in numbers, most
spam in marked by the GMail community before it hits my spam box and we all play our part.

and I feel fine,
happy 5th birthday to blogger.com


wrt the arrests and now charges of 8 uk ‘terror’ suspects

reutes says
One of them, Dhiren Barot, 32, was also accused of having “reconnaissance plans” of the Prudential building in New Jersey, the New York Stock Exchange and Citigroup headquarters in New York, and the International Monetary Fund in Washington.

The plans were “of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism,” police said.

The United States imposed “orange alerts” around those buildings on Aug. 1, saying authorities had obtained plans of the buildings from a suspected al Qaeda computer expert held in Pakistan. The British suspects were arrested two days later.
8< so the shut down in NY was 2 days before they were arrested
and the ‘computer expert’ had the same plans as one of the UK ‘cell’

as zig n zag used to say

what are the chances of getting the guy in Pakistan with a 1000 discs full of details to lead to 8 uk terrorists 2 days AFTER bush uses the same news to shut the city down & to announce he is appointing a tsar on itel. the US leaked computer ‘experts’ name see
cnn link
ruining any chance of a sting op.

April 03′ a Sky news guy in Washington reported ‘LIVE’ that a chemical weapons factory was discovered, he was standing in the Pentagon darkened conference room, the news was immediate and Sky not shy to let the world know they had this 1.30am exclusive, so I jumped to reuters and AFP and saw none of this story, I didn’t expect the wires to be as fast as Sky were claiming to be bringing this news to me, but then I goggled and found the full story on Jerusalem Post must have been up 45 minutes and the ink on its print editions was still wet. The thing is the way this story dropped faster than a bomb over Baghdad, it went nowhere and turned out to be untrue.


equals 12 days of fear in Itlay and the world.

Ireland Overrun by capitalists

Dublin Port Tunnel – was €165 now €624,000,000 and rising

Luas – a €279 million now €775,000,000

Airport metro – €2.2 billion doubled to €4,800,000,000 according RPA

National roads: of €9.2 billion. Now €15,800,000,000 [source SBPost]

that’s a lot of zeros to get under estimated and a lot of tax money over spent and a lot of land owners pockets lined and a lot of multinational CEO’s bonuses paid? read on

London Crawling

Tonight London?s West End will echo to the sound of Grand Prix engines this evening when eight of the ten Formula One teams take part in a demonstration run along Regent Street in the build-up to this weekend?s British Grand Prix. Will they pay the © charge?

[facts on London car use]
Only 13% of Central London’s 1.1 million workers commute by car

Nearly 40% of households in London do not own a car

Fewer than half (47%) of trips made by Londoners are by car
The average speed of a car in London in the morning peak period is now 9.9 mph

Cycling in Central London is 50% faster than travelling by car

What One Thousand ‘Journalists’ Arriving in Dublin Won’t Want to Know About EuroMayday Protests

’Why Protest the Dublin EU Summit? What are the Issues Anyway?’

It is critical to show, during such a display of media power and control as we have seen in the past few weeks in Ireland in the run-up to the EU Summit, that independent groups and people have the ability to create and share their own media, self publish, build networks and communicate freely and autonomously. We have been taking our information autonomy for a while now around here, using the limited means and technologies at our disposal.

In that spirit – here is a (free) guide to what is missing from all centralised and commercialised media in Ireland at present , a clear exposition of the issues that concern those who are preparing to celebrate EuroMayday and to protest the Dublin EU Summit. Don’t get MAD with those thousand foreign journalists and their Irish compatriots when you see these urgent and legitimate concerns glossed over and ignored by the mainstream – get EVEN. Don’t Hate the Media – Become the Media.

USA Today Poll: 57% of Iraqis say ‘US Out Now’

From March 22 to April 2, 60 trained Iraqi pollsters interviewed 3,444 randomly selected Iraqis for USA Today. This is one of the first polls in Iraq that seems to me well weighted statistically, though to be sure we’d have to know more than USA Today told us.

The numbers are negative for the US, and are much more negative than previous such polls. Moreover, the polling ended by April 2, just before the Shiite uprising and the worst of the Fallujah fighting, so that it is highly likely that the present attitudes of the Iraqi public toward the US are much more negative.

Dumbing down text

TV3 Irelands 4th TV station (launched after RTE1 Network2 & TG4) launched a teletext service in 2001, but last weekend it dropped its news & sports pages from the text servive. Teletext services are in decline in europe as digital TV takes hold but TV3 carried a full text service on digital platform, The loss of news and sport (replaced by entertainment news) is a loss of an alternative text news service to rival RTE’s AERTEL. It is a sad loss of a good service provided by TCM to TV3 since 2001. The regularity of updates to the new entertainment news service is patchy since the weekend, but soft news is no replacement for hard news. TV3 text is available in Ireland via UHF and to UK & Ireland via digital satellite services.