Prices lure Republic’s Christmas shoppers north of the Border

Irish Times Article
Supermarkets in the North are under siege from bargain-hunters from the Republic eager to stretch their euro in the run-up to Christmas.

Customers from the South have been arriving in Border towns such as Newry and Enniskillen in their thousands to benefit from significant savings on many goods including alcohol, toys and household items.

New figures show that visitor numbers from the Republic have almost doubled on last year, with most taking advantage of the bargain prices. Last year’s figures were in addition to a 25 per cent increase on the previous year.”

So we go North and buy it and go south and use it, dispose of it and cowboys bring the waste back up the North and dump it illegally
see Prime Time Investigates: Waste management strategy

Can Dan

Veteran newsman Dan Rather, embroiled in a pre-election scandal over a story challenging President George W. Bush’s military service, says he will step down as the CBS television network’s top news anchor.

Rather, known for aggressive reports peppered with folksy phrases from his Texas youth, will leave his role on March 9 — his 24th anniversary in the job.

some ejit

BIKINI ATOLL, Marshall Islands (Reuters) – At first glance, it looks like a tropical paradise: an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where palm trees encircling a pristine blue-green lagoon sway in the breeze.

But to the native islanders, Bikini Atoll is more like an exhausted, scorched wasteland, where they eke out an existence in a place that today is forgotten by much of the world. But on March 1, 1954, it became ground zero during the Cold War.

Open email to Meteor Ireland

as a meteor customer I was reading your web site, and found the following claim to be contrary to known facts, and facts that should be known to Meteor

your website states at the following URL

13. Are there groups of the population, for example the elderly or children, which are more sensitive to the effects of radio waves?
No. There are no scientific findings that indicate children or the elderly are more sensitive to radio waves than anyone else.
8< This is incorrect information, the Stewart Report a document you should be well aware of was published in 2000 it states in its precautionary section 6.63: There is evidence that at the frequencies used in mobile phone technology, children will absorb more energy per kilogram of body weight from an external electromagnetic field than adults (see paragraph 4.37). A one year old could absorb around double, and a five year old around 60%, more than an adult. Additionally, since children are being exposed to RF radiation from base stations (and from mobile phones) from a younger age than adults, they will have a longer time in which to accumulate exposure over the course of their lives, and a longer time for any delayed effects of exposure to develop. ”
8< 100% & 60% not to mention the unborn, your answer again,
“No. There are no scientific findings that indicate children or the elderly are more sensitive to radio waves than anyone else. “

another report from 2000 called Gabriel states that children have more ions in their tissue and thus greater conductivity therefore greater absorption levels than adults.

in the interest of clarity and professionalism would you please advise your web content people to update this section of your web site.

please contact me if you need further clarification on this and please contact me with regard to the status of your answer to question 13 should you update it.

Regards Brian Greene

The sun sets on the VCR

“The likely death of the video recorder – as reflected in the decision of Dixons not to stock them any more because of the popularity of DVDs – will come as a post-dated relief for millions of adults who claimed never to be able to programme them in the first place. But if they think their techno-problems are over they have another think coming. Video recorders, which enjoyed one of the fastest take-ups of any consumer technology, changed people’s lives by enabling television programmes to be recorded while they were out and by enabling films to be watched at home”

so I cant tape digital TV on a standard DVD, no, I can watch VHS on DVD, no, so why kill it off just yet, yes there are DVD recorders and Tivo’s but give me a good VCR with PDC & VideoPlus+ before jumping off the analog bandwagon.

Irish Leader’s Unexpected Embrace of Socialism Is Causing a Stir

“After 10 years at the helm of Ireland’s dominant political party, Prime Minister Bertie Ahern marked the occasion recently with a surprising revelation – a political coming out of sorts – that has had Ireland in a spin.

His declaration was as simple as it was unexpected: ‘I am one of the few socialists left in Irish politics,’ he said in an interview with The Irish Times on Nov. 13, shocking his colleagues, infuriating his opponents and bewildering the public into wondering what kind of leader it had elected.”

FF the workers party? I think not, but it got the headlines, perhaps the next election will see a real swing to the left. And joe Higgins suit returned with some FF seats.

Bush Phantom

so I didnt blog for 10 days busy at work n stuff but I could have been sobing over Bush getting 4 more years, there’s no justice is there I thought, then Phantom FM get a rock radio licence for Dublin and there is justice, im confused, delighted and pissed off. To the lads at Phantom, well done look at who the beat off! radio will be worth listening to again in Dublin. 🙂

Yasser Arafat dies at 75

but how many times has he died this week? Its 4am and the press wire AP has issued the news that the PLO leader has died. A week ago Prez Bush was told in a live press conference that the Palestinian leader had died and it was taken as a fact but it turned out to be a misguided rumour.

In the age of fast moving IT with beepers phones broadband email WAP 24/7 TV news, there is a distinct lack of authentication of news, of sources, of wires. While the wires are most often not duped there are slip ups.

So who do we trust? when more than one relied source backs up another? can we know that the source is who it says it is?

Authentication integrity & non-repudiation are the corner stone of PKI, perhaps all news should carry a health warning until we can really trust its source. when fair and balanced becomes unfair and unbalanced who ya gonna trust?

Reuters row in, and the BBC report that the French Military Hospital where Arafat was, stated he died at 3.30am (2.30 UTC) it 4.20 now … back to work, at least I know what Nov 11 2004 news diet will be.

Bin Laden video threatens America

but this is not an october surprise, the real surprise will be on Nov3

Arabic TV station al-Jazeera has aired a videotape in which Osama Bin Laden threatens fresh attacks on the US.

The leader of the al-Qaeda network says the reasons behind the events of 11 September 2001 still exist.

Americans go to the polls in four days, but Bin Laden says their security depends on neither George W Bush nor John Kerry, but on US foreign policy.