IMPACT claims stealth taxes will erode incomes.

IMPACT has claimed that the Government’s stealth taxes will eventually erode incomes.
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where were the IMPACT leaders last September/October ? lining up with the Govt. to support stealth taxes in the form of Bin Charges.
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The Union has said the Government’s failure to adjust personal tax credits and tax bands in line with inflation has resulted in more people being pushed into the higher tax band.

Philip Mullen of IMPACT has said, “What we would like to see happening is that taxation policy would properly index the tax bands and the basic relief that people receive, so that people will be maintained on the tax band that is appropriate to them which in the vast majority of cases should be in the lower tax band.”

Race against Race

The Government has decided to hold the referendum on citizenship rights on 11 June, at the same time as the local and European elections.

[bhg->] I hope the electronic machines can handle 3 polls at once

The fact that this date was chosen by PD/FF to hold a referendum on what will become a more divisive issue than it has ever been is shocking, the bill has not been presented, there are 9 weeks to polls open and no green paper published. FF TDs claim that there is a major problem with immigration (legal & illegal) where babies born in Ireland are entitled to citizenship.

First they stop pregnant women leaving Ireland, now they wont let them in!

This is a smoke screen in smoke free Ireland for the way the Govt. dealt with the health system, where nurses are priced out of their low paid jobs and queuing on trolleys for days is normal.

Blame them for the health crisis, them being FF & PD.

You guys make the mafia look like fucking monks

“You guys make the mafia look like fucking monks” – Tom Gilmartin, June 1989, speaking after being approached by a Fianna Fail figure for 5 million.

After five years of anticipation, builder and property developer Tom Gilmartin marched in to the Mahon Tribunal this week with potentially enough ammunition to rock this Government to its foundations and severely damage some of the most senior Fianna Fail politicians including the Teflon Taoiseach himself Bertie Ahern. more

Pay by use – its not news Martin

Martin Cullen [MC] again announces pay by use and this time a date (which FF’ers may think will help the door step abuse they are due this may/june) by 01//01/05 all counties must deploy a by volume or weight scheme for waste collection in Ireland.

The fact that the hated double tax in anti bin tax heartland of Fingal is a by volume tax is missed on poor MC. The success of the anti bin tax campaign in winning the arguments against the Fingal system forced the Irish Govt. to rush in non collection laws to beat the people into submission.

The Fingal Double Tax system was introduced on March 4th 2002 (2 years ago) thousands of Fingal residents like myself have refused to tag their bin which costs Eur260 per annum.

For a clue as to why this was announced yesterday in the lead in to a local election campaign, cast your memory back to the FF conference a few weeks ago and the Q&A question from FF Fingal councilor Michael Kennedy to MC. more a statement of fear of the real opposition than a real question Kennedy urged MC to introduce a Fingal type system nationally.

The fact remains that volume based waste collection in Fingal over two years has failed to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill – more full bins collected less often does not equal a reduction and exposes this blatant scheme as revenue driven double tax on overburdened tax compliant Fingal citizens.


If the country’s telecommunications regulator allows National Roaming then the need for any more new mast sites will be massively reduced.

National Roaming is being considered by ComReg after years of competition in the market place has failed to delivered lower costs to users in a country with the most profitable phone users, according to the phone companies own data.

For example if Meteor needed a new mast in Dublin 13, they could dispense with the need to site a controversial new mast. If through national roaming their customers could roam on an O2 or Vodafone mast.

Roaming has been common for international travelers & holiday makers, but real community value could be gained if national roaming were allowed.

There are more than 1500 sites in Ireland between 3 companies. The number of new sites needed grows with the number of people (81%) using the services. Roaming would massively reduced the need for more unwanted sites
spoiling our landscape.

see also Phone Mast Is Vandalised

Where have all the bloggers gone

Karlin, Bernie, Kirby to name a few, sites down or no posts in ages, if you know where there gone let me know, I’ve just started flirting with a common blog tool, but for years I’ve scribbled on home spun tools & before that I wrote plaintext essays before bloging was named. I enjoy reading your blogs and wonder where the above Irish blogs are gone to?

further 128 postal workers suspended

Early on Saturday 64 postal workers and managers in Dublin’s main mail centre were suspended in an ongoing row over changes to working practices and on Saturday evening a further 128 workers were suspended for refusing to carry out what the company says are normal practices. The company is now asking people in Dublin City and County not to post mail until further notice.

The CWU postal workers union membership voted for an all out strike but the CWU bosses delayed the strike for further talks.

If a union ballot calls for strike action (aer rinta/an post/dublin bus) then it is a clear direction to take the organised workforce, they decide by vote to strike, and the union bureaucracy in CWU & SIPTU turn their back of their own membership. In the way ICTU attacked the bin protesters imprisonments, they have once again clearly show that they are out of step with there own membership and unable to lead a union. Time for change, change the leadership or change your union.

WAR 4 OIL – One year on

[cnn] Anger over the war in Iraq remained sharp on the first anniversary of the U.S.-led conflict Saturday as protesters took to the streets across much of the globe, urging an end to the coalition occupation which some blamed for international terrorism.

I missed the Dublin march due to work commitments but one year on the world has not forgotten that WMD have not been found, the people of Iraq want the occupation forces to leave and that the world is a less safer place due to the invasion of Iraq. The war for oil was wrong the people of the world like the 90% of Spain have not forgotten, the use of Shannon warport by the US army is not forgotten, the people will have their say in June in Europe and Nov in the USA. peace pace paz.