George Michael: The reclusive pop star has decided he’s done making albums for record labels and instead plans to distribute his tunes via the Internet and donate all of the proceeds to charity.

Ah, isn’t that nice, first multi million deals then sony became fony now he’s gone all open source, yep I type cynical very badly, plus I can’t spell, fair play to GM of Wham! fame and two first names, its about time someone in the muso industry copped on, the net wont go away because of a court case or two, the court cases will just shut down the companies feed off peer2peer and net communities. Freedom Freedom You’ve gotta give for what you take

The Taoiseach and President of the European Council, Mr Bertie Ahern, has condemned the atrocity perpetrated against the Spanish people in Madrid this morning. He said, “the timing of the bombings was clearly designed to wreak the greatest level of havoc and carnage. They are an attack on the democratic process and cannot be justified by any political cause.?

[BHG says]
the Irish peace process has learned a lot, the Spanish Govt. to be (after Sunday) should do all in its power to resolve the causes of terrorism, be it Spanish soldiers in Iraq or the Spanish suppressing the movement of Basque separatists. Then can’t wipe out terrorism, but they can neutralize it. Give peace a chance.