MW43: Dr Andrew Morrice – Human Givens College

Listen to Brian Greene’s interview with Andrew Morrice (Human Givens College tutor and General Practitioner) as they discuss the Mind-Body Connection, explore the relationships between the three big E’s (emotions, exercise & eating), mental health and the human givens approach.

World Radio Day 2018

On Sunday 11th February I popped along to the Radio Rally in Coolmine in Dublin. I bumped into load of folk I hadn’t seen for years. Folk who are always on hand to help you out when stuck with some technical issue.

As always I had my mobile recorder with me so I grabbed a few interviews. I spoke with Justin Behan (EI3CTB), Lar Wright (iRadio), Mike Wright (ex RTE & Radio Caroline North) and Rory Hinchey (EI4DJB).

An edited version of this recording with air on Good Morning Dublin on 103.2 Dublin City FM Friday 16/02/2018.

Córus Interview for Mental Wealth 06/02/2018

On Dublin City FM at 12:30 MENTAL WEALTH goes to singing classes. Brian Greene makes a career ending move when he tries to sing on radio. But most of all what are the benefits to your wellbeing if you join a singing class? The ladies Córus will answer that question & more.