Podcasting Research

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a number of interesting relationships between audience size and show characteristics are examined. Some key findings include:

* Episode frequency exerts a strong influence on audience size, with the release of daily episodes demonstrating the highest average audience size. Presently, most shows are produced on a weekly basis,
* There are few specific production-side determinants on popularity (including production time per episode), with the exception of collaborative shows, where there is a significant positive correlation between the number of staff or collaborators and show popularity, and
* There appears to be an emerging negative relationship within the podcasting production community between the prevalence of shows in some genres and lower average audience sizes. While this relationship is not significant, it may indicate that the market in some genres is saturating and further efforts need to be undertaken to expand the overall size of the market.

In the final discussion, some additional comments are provided on issues of copyright and other legal concerns, policy considerations to address gender inequality, and questions associated with definitional inspecificity.

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I heard it reported on RTE 2FM that the average Dublin commute time is 54 minutes according to the CSO. So if podcasts are tailored to suit average commute times, Dublin podcasters beware.

“Dubliners love their cars” the commute time has also expanded because of the widening of the commuter belt as the celtic tiger got fat, people also like to drive slowly at rush hour(s) as they are reluctant to arrive at their destination and drivers are so backlogged with podcasts they need to stay in traffic longer (by using roundabouts repeatedly). Commuter Action Front denied that the average journey time increase on daily commutes had anything to do with road transport policy at Government level. The doubling in width of the bridge at the west link toll plaza’s has allowed north bound tailbacks see southbound tailback and vice versa, this has had a calming effect on the daily commuter as they can now see that its not just them in gridlock. Efforts to increase transport spending in this country has been welcomed by Construction Site Spotters Ireland who have been photographing and counting (known as logging) traffic cones on Dublin’s N32 M50 interchange in recent months.

Irish Ferries: ICTU Must Call a 24 Hour General Strike NOW!

The barricading of the control rooms of two ships by Irish Ferries workers should be fully supported by all working class people. This battle is not just about defending 543 trade union jobs. This is now the biggest issue in the country and is relevant to all workers. Other companies are watching and egging on Irish Ferries. This is a battle against forced competition between workers and a “race to the bottom” that will create poverty conditions for all workers and super profits for the bosses. These policies of capitalist globalisation must be fought otherwise they will spread like a disease.. more


The IIA podcast has been launched. You can hear the full proceedings of the Irish Internet Association & CheetahMail Net Visionary Awards Winners 2005 on the podcast. The feed for the podcast is at http://www.netvisionary.ie/rss.xml or you can listen to the MP3 here.

The podcast was recorded and built by doop.ie and will also feature future conferences and talks given by the IIA from various locations around the country.