Centre left socialist govt. elected in Spain. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero will lead his party into coalition Govt. in about a month time. The Socialist leader’s election victory was attributed in large part to a voter backlash against the government over Iraq. Many Spaniards blame Thursday’s train bombings which killed 200 people and have drawn claims of responsibility from Muslim militants on Spanish backing of Bush and Blair in Iraq.

Aznar and his party have suffered what Bush & Blair will suffer in UK & US elections in the next 7 months, the war for oil will change the political landscape in the short term. Will Bush now visit Ireland in June? Will the ‘Iraq hand over’ to the UN speed up? Will ETA enter talks? Questions Questions

Spain said it had arrested five people on Saturday, some possibly linked to Moroccan militants, adding weight to speculation that the hand of al Qaeda may be behind train bombs that killed 200 people. al Qaeda claim the bombings were thiers in a video recording released tonight. »
Earlier the death toll had risen to 200. 2000 people protested outside the PP HQ in Madrid. Overnight ETA repeated its denial.

United Nations — Red-faced, the world body acknowledged yesterday that a flight recorder that may be linked to the crash that triggered the 1994 Rwandan genocide has turned up in a United Nations filing cabinet.

Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) is the most recent and widely reported symbol of “hate radio” throughout the world. Its broadcasts, disseminating hate propaganda and inciting to murder Tutsis and opponents to the regime, began on 8 July 1993, and greatly contributed to the 1994 genocide of hundreds of thousands. more on RTLM

::Tribunal Man::
Gilmartin said Mr Flynn had told him a substantial donation to Fianna Fail would help smooth out his planning difficulties. But when he asked who to make the cheque out to, he said Mr Flynn told him just to leave it on the desk.

It was put to him that Mr Flynn had claimed the money was a no strings attached political donation for his own expenses. Mr
Gilmartin said ‘that is untrue’. He confirmed he did not get a receipt or acknowledgement for the donation.

£50K cheques floating in a mafia’s Liffey Valley. 50K wouldn’t get ya a gaff now in dublin (it would have in 1990/4), why? because FF TDs were helping rezone the farm land to building land and money was rezoned from developers accounts to TDs back pockets.

Dail reports – Joe Higgins condemns the planned Bush visit to Ireland

Joe Higgins: When the Taoiseach leaves Dublin airport next week to visit the United States, unfortunately I cannot be on the tarmac to wave him off. Therefore, I must ask him now, if it is his intention to confirm the invitation to President Bush to visit Ireland at the end of June and, if so, on whose behalf will he extend that invitation? Does he presume to do so on
behalf of the Irish people, a large majority of whom opposed his criminal invasion of Iraq on a basis that was obviously fraudulent and has been proved now? As he is President of the EU, does the Taoiseach delude himself that he is doing it on behalf of a majority of the citizens of the EU who also massively opposed his bloody invasion? We know the Taoiseach has been a willing tool for US imperial ambitions. Read more here

George Michael: The reclusive pop star has decided he’s done making albums for record labels and instead plans to distribute his tunes via the Internet and donate all of the proceeds to charity.

Ah, isn’t that nice, first multi million deals then sony became fony now he’s gone all open source, yep I type cynical very badly, plus I can’t spell, fair play to GM of Wham! fame and two first names, its about time someone in the muso industry copped on, the net wont go away because of a court case or two, the court cases will just shut down the companies feed off peer2peer and net communities. Freedom Freedom You’ve gotta give for what you take

The Taoiseach and President of the European Council, Mr Bertie Ahern, has condemned the atrocity perpetrated against the Spanish people in Madrid this morning. He said, “the timing of the bombings was clearly designed to wreak the greatest level of havoc and carnage. They are an attack on the democratic process and cannot be justified by any political cause.�

[BHG says]
the Irish peace process has learned a lot, the Spanish Govt. to be (after Sunday) should do all in its power to resolve the causes of terrorism, be it Spanish soldiers in Iraq or the Spanish suppressing the movement of Basque separatists. Then can’t wipe out terrorism, but they can neutralize it. Give peace a chance.