#22Z Ground Hog Radio

#22Z so I recorded 3 minutes top of the hour (TOTH) of 0-2MHz of spectrum (base band recording) 1.6GB total file size. I can now loop the 3 minutes on playback like ground hog day. I am going to tune is all the signals I can get with their TOTH idents. One by one. A 23:00IST / 2200Zulu time capsule. About 120 stations. Here is an early sample of the sound.


see also kim gone wild

from medianetwork blog we read North Korea to get own Internet country code

North Korea is expected to register an Internet country address this year as the isolated Communist state takes cautious steps towards global information technology, an official said today. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is likely to approve North Korea’s country domain “.kp? at a meeting in Los Angeles starting in October, Suh Jae-Chul, a board member, told AFP.

Local militias fight over oil in Basra as British troops leave

from washington post

“The British have basically been defeated in the south,” a senior U.S. intelligence official said recently in Baghdad. They are abandoning their former headquarters at Basra Palace, where a recent official visitor from London described them as “surrounded like cowboys and Indians” by militia fighters. An airport base outside the city, where a regional U.S. Embassy office and Britain’s remaining 5,500 troops are barricaded behind building-high sandbags, has been attacked with mortars or rockets nearly 600 times over the past four months.

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days like these

day started with the end of Saturday night, the muzak at the blog awards ringing in my ears, Taxi driver from hell, long story short “thats not luggage” he said looking at my dj rig ! so you don’t want the business (i should have said) I forced the bad vibes on their head and we ended up blasting the Clash off his CD player going down the Grange road.. chill out man.

last year blog awards (Mar’06) there was no real after party in house we just played

ghost town – the specials [for Ted]
She Cries Your Name – Beth Orton
Hands Off She’s Mine – The Beat
Waiting for the great leap forward – Billy Bragg [for me]
London Calling – The Clash
Wave Of Mutilation – pixies

next year second life will hear us; there was a concert this year I must fetch details of who we heard from SL man conorpower.com

[AM] i was leak but a dose of caffeine and c-span saw me into late lunch, the kids stayed in all morning what with the rain, then work work on off 4 – 1am 🙁 oh well that wasn’t a weekend day. lets fight for a 5 day working week with 35 hours and membership of a good trade union, working for your self has its downs and its minuses.

Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards “Faggot” @ CPAC

Henry Rollins writes a heartfelt letter to Ann Coulter.

finally I was at WP 2.1(0) and missed the 2.1.1 (lucky me) but I took the advise and got up to 2.1.2 just in case. It made my blog go very slow like 21sec requests when 0.3 is normal. it ended up being a bad side bar include file that “I” put in the sidebar.php all is well by process of elimination.

Trócaire box design

Trócaire box has arrived. it will sit as a set top box above the CRT sony TV for the next 6 weeks. Its pink & white which should get it noticed. Amina Francisco is pictured on the front of the box, she is ten weeks old & from Malawi.

[wikipedia says] Life expectancy in Malawi is now as low as 36.5 years, five years lower than it was 50 years ago. This drop is due to the population’s impoverishment, which is constituted by many factors, including:

  • insufficient nutrition
  • poor access to medical treatment
  • low income (the mean per capita income in Malawi is less than $1 per day)
  • insufficient school education
  • spread of HIV/AIDS
  • government economic restrictions

the box itself is of poor design as the cardboard label is too large for its slot and too weak for repeated attempts to force it into the all too narrow slot. The box’s sprung bottom is leaking 20c with ease. and the slot to donate through is way larger than years gone by.

has the Trócaire box out lived it usefulness as a collection box for our devalued  euro coins? is it now more a card board advert to drive us to lent.ie or to make more substantial donations via the call save 1850 408 408. as of now more than a $1 a day is falling out of this box..

defending our oceans

written in 1971 by marvin gaye and sung in 2007 by eleanor mcevoy on the double a side single suffer so well mercy mercy me (release March 18th 2007) eleanor starts her australian tour march 9th

“Woo mercy, mercy me, mercy father
Ah things ain’t what they used to be, no no
Oil wasted on the ocean and upon our seas,
fish full of mercury
Ah oh mercy, mercy me
Ah things ain’t what they used to be, no no
Radiation under ground and in the sky
Animals and birds who live nearby are dying
Oh mercy, mercy me”

and yes the ocean is dying and who is going to save it? a cheap swipe in the movie Sneakers

Cosmo: Who else is going to change the world, Marty? Greenpeace?

so international capitalism and its serving governments are doing a better job? my arse they are! what about the attempt by the Irish Govt. to bring the UK govt. to court over Sellafield via the Permanent Court of Arbitration, alas it was another fine FF mess led by Martin Cullen.

news junkie that I am i am following the developing story [perma search rss] The crew of the Esperanza, a Russian firefighting vessel converted to a Greenpeace protest ship, say they are concerned about the environment and the safety of the Nisshin Maru’s crew; more details on the Esperanza blog, Nisshin Maru had a fire on board and one crew member is confirmed dead. Help from the Greenpeace ship was rejected when offered.

The Esperanza with the Nisshin Maru and other whaling ships in the distance.
© Greenpeace/Beltra

daev walsh of blather.net is on board the Esperanza and is webloging the events on a very regular basis.

Fly the flag?

By Andrew Calleja socialistpartyaustralia.org
National identity and what it means to be Australian has again become a hot discussion topic leading into this weekend Big Day Out concerts in Sydney and Melbourne. Reacting to reports that some patrons had used the Australian flag as a ‘weapon’ of hate at the 2006 Sydney BDO, organizers encouraged concert goers not to bring national flags to the Sydney BDO, held on Australia Day.

Following an opportunist chorus of condemnation from Labor and Liberal politician’s, hopping on the patriotic bandwagon, organizers retracted from the original statement, but should be praised for opening up a discussion on the rise of nationalist sentiment amongst Australia’s youth.

During his term as Prime Minister, John Howard has consistently played the race-card in times of need, with his contemporary expressions of racism reflecting the notion of nationhood and its incompatibility with a multi-cultural society that Australia has become. Howard has been the master at reinforcing Anglo customs and beliefs as the norm, which are followed by ‘real’ Australians.

The Cronulla riots weren’t a freak event of nature and came on the back of a multitude of social problems that ‘dog’ Australia. What of the people that gathered at Cronulla’s foreshore to protest the bashing of a lifeguard, are they all racists? Of course not! Many simply went to Cronulla to express anger at what they perceived to be a social issue in their community, only to be drowned out by Neo-Nazi thugs. Any serious social researcher can’t walk away from the fact that ethnic gangs exist and that at times they’ve been responsible for anti-social behavior, which includes racial vilification.

Many theories have been espoused as to how and why racially motivated violence has hit the streets of Australia, but few take up the social makeup of a society that has the most disaffected young people since the great depression of the 1930’s. Compare the economic boom of today, to that of the 50’s, and one sees a ‘boom’ created on the back of lower living standards and decreased workplace security.

The feature of the Howard years has been the rise of the working poor and substantial underemployment, as the gap between rich and poor continues to rise in what was once dubbed the ‘Lucky Country’.

Official unemployment rates may be at 20 year lows, however since 1996, 35 per cent of all new jobs created have been casual with two thirds of new jobs between 2000 and 2003 paying less than $600 a week. At the same time executive salaries have risen at a staggering rate, executive pay was on average 22 times greater than average weekly earnings in 1992, by 2002, it was 74 times greater.

Nationalist sentiment in itself isn’t responsible for the racial intolerance currently gripping Australia; however it has been used to divide a country at a time when the movement of people, goods and capital between nations is irreversible.

Time for Radio Time [Rpt]

[first posted here January 17, 2005 at 1:53 am]

I’ve been surfing to long without waves. Long Medium and Shortwaves. I stopped logging SW (incl. all bands 0-30Mhz 30Mhz – 1300Mhz) in about 1994, the year I bought my first house. I got active in politics I got active in work and the internet zapped all of my time. I also got married and have 3 daughters 1,5 & 8 year olds.

So I gave no time to DXing until 2002 when I got into DXing satellites, scanning Clarke’s belt is like trying to get a Taxi after deregulation, there are plenty of them but not a lot in them. TV or video never really sparkles for me. I’m more a audio / text (teletext not SMS) kind of person, and the whole spectrum on offer on FTA DVB radio and TV is very sterile and safe.

My gateway drug for a return to SWL was a €14 JWin SW radio from power city, it covers the main broadcast bands and is a fairly poor receiver, but very portable. When I turned off SW 10 years ago the prophets of doom were claiming SW was dead, internet and digital would see it replaced. They got it wrong again.

By the way the WiFi card in the laptop is burning my legs…. killer radiation.

SW is alive and well, some great shows have passed away like Sweden calling DXers, but it lives on in ezine format which has graced my in box now for 10 years (Thanks, George Wood). The bands are alive with the sounds of the World, there is as much Eastern Europeans as there were before the wall fell and the voices are telling stories of the 10 years of capitalist chaos after Socialism, there are also advertising East Europe as a good destination for the race to the bottom, and falling over themselves to embrace American foreign policy. I wont single out any country its rampant.

The out of band areas are buzzing and crackling with life too, Air traffic Morse amateurs even number stations continue to send code. Pirates from central Europe and Ireland still QSO and QSL and their playlists are mainly unchanged.

But its the alternative world views that pour in that keeps SWl’ing interesting. Every country (except Ireland) has a world service (even Wales) their national spin on world happenings makes for good listening. Radio unlike TV has time to explore a good story. My new Log started two days before the Asian Tsunami, if you want alternative views of what is happening out there I would rather hear it from Thailand Radio than from a Sky reporter on the shoreline of disaster. Once you apply your own filter and understand that the text of a SW radio report from foreign world service radio stations is slanted to the country of origin then your set up for hours and hours of free feeds and facts and sounds from countries I will never visit.

I hope to publish my Log in near real time online, after I have digitized it off the envelopes and scraps of paper I scribbled it on, by real candle light that flickers above my Phillips D2999 monitoring station.

Surfing suspended, gone to check out the waves.


Andrei Nekrasov, 2007
BBC Two: Monday 22 January 2007 11.20pm-12.20am

For three years before his death from poisoning, former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko had been making a documentary with his friend Andrei Nekrasov about authoritarianism in post-communist Russia. Here is that film, the unexpected ending of which made world headlines at the end of 2006.

— as i dont get a chance to pay a licence fee to the beeb the least i can do is alert Storyville
this programme follows Panorama: How to Poison a Spy (same night)