About Qued.tv

Qued.tv is a chaptering web tool that allows users to chapter media. The basic idea is: The best things in media do not always happen at the start point 00:00. Often the most salient points in media happen deep into the piece. The core take away point, the best quote, the joke can happen deep into the recording.

Qued.tv started life as a way to advance an MP3 podcast directly to a particular point in the media. It was developed as a tool called Dig Deeper and worked with a pair of metadata, the media URL and the cue point which was measured in seconds. Both pieces of data were passed to a flash based MP3 player via query string parameter in the URL. example http://domain.xzy/player.php?media=sound.mp3%time=103

Qued.tv grew to be a chaptering tool where multiple chapter points could be recorded and stored per media file. The tool aims to be agnostic to the media type and where possible through player APIs the tool collects a data set of metadata (data about data).

The tool can create exportable subtitle files which can be imported into popular video services such as YouTube.

Written in PHP and javascript the chaptering tool uses APIs to Vimeo YouTube & Mixcloud to allow embeddable media to be remotely chaptered. It also works with raw media files like WAV MP3 AVI & and MP4.